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About Us

What's in a name? Because I set out to design products that are a generation ahead of the competition we chose a name that suggests a significant evolution from earlier designs. This business did not come into existence to create me to copies of existing products! It may be a coincidence that this is the fourth pursuit of my career; it¿s not a coincidence that life's experiences brought me to this point. I grew up in a manufacturing environment apprenticing as a Tool and Die Maker and working on hundreds of varied projects over the next fourteen years. I know there are many other Toolmakers who left the ¿bench¿ to pursue other goals that have fond memories of the products they helped bring to market. Mine included; large progressive dies for Tonka Toys and others, the development and manufacture of ski bindings, bringing modern technology to the manufacturing of "Bundt" pans, computer and office machine parts, and dozens of parts that went to the moon with our astronauts. I strayed from manufacturing for ten years producing only reports for large corporations. This was not very gratifying for one with the desire to make things. Then on to a successful twenty year career building one of the largest and most innovative microscope dealers in the country before retiring (sort of). Some of our products are sold world wide. You may have seen them on many of the CSI programs, both the fictional prime time and the factual documentaries. I have a continuing financial and operational interest in the microscope dealership but I save a considerable amount of time to pursue my photographic interests. A love of nature photography is the basis of all of the 4th Generation Designs products. I find no greater enjoyment than a day in the field photographing anything from Anhinga to the Zion Canyon. I am also a person that enjoys good equipment. All 4th Generation Designs products are based upon these experiences and those of many world class photographers whose opinions I value. Add customer feedback and you have the wish list for a product. Add in design elements, listed below, and you have the design criteria for a 4th generation design: Light weight without sacrificing strength or performance. Form factors that are clean and functional. Use of the best materials for the task including; stainless steel, high strength aluminum, engineering grades of plastic, and composites. Use of modern manufacturing methods including; CNC machining, laser machining and marking, plus tried and true old fashion manufacturing methods. The designs are field tested to insure the products are ones that you and I will enjoy using. As we grow additional family members will join the organization.