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15" StiX Arms

  • SX-115 ~ StiX Adjustable Floation Arm

    15" StiX System Arm with Small floats. Travel Weight 3.3 ozs. With 6.8 ozs FlotationStiX 15" Arm with a full complement of 7 SX-45 Floats fully assembled.. This arm provides 6.8 ounces of net positive buoyancy with a travel weight of less than 5.3 ozs.

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  • SX-15 ~ 15" StiX System Arm w/o floats

    15" StiX System Arm without floats.Our unique removable ball end design allows you to add up to 36 ounces ( 1 kg.) of flotation to this arm; however we usually recommend that this arm be populated with SF-1 floats. Our ball ends are made from a strong,...

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